Video Game Creators’ @PETAL et al. Chicago

Hey Video Game Creator,

Come listen and learn on Saturday, June 7 at 5:00 pm. There will be a game dev postmortem presentation from Mark Goetz and Gerry Swanson on their well received Ludum Dare Game Jam entry “Siren’s Song.

Agenda: We will open with presentations and networking for 90 minutes. After that, we’ll get started (or back to work) on our individual projects until 10:00 pm. Don’t have a project? No problem. We have creators looking to mentor and instruct you on helping them with their projects. If you are tired of working alone and/or want to gain some experience and credit working on a game while getting feedback as you go, this is a great learning and development opportunity! Bring your own laptop, headphones and mouse or sketchbook/notepad.

PMac @PETAL et al.