PETAL et al. @Global Game Jam Kyoto, Japan 2024

ChordMaster! Lite

ChordMaster! Lite @PETAL et al.


This lite version of the ultimate guitar chord quiz game “ChordMaster!” will elevate your musical abilities to legendary status, so get ready to rock and roll with it!

“ChordMaster!” Lite is a thrilling video game that challenges players to learn essential guitar chords! To become the guitar virtuoso you’ve always wanted to be, dive into the world of iconic chords that serve as the foundation for countless songs that top the charts.

How it Works:
As you work through a set of flashcards that highlight essential chords, you’ll be immersed in a visually stunning experience.
The stakes are high because there are three choices: can you choose the right chord and earn a whopping ten points for each correct answer?
– Achieve a perfect score of 100 points to establish your claim to the title of guitar chord master and demonstrate your mastery of chords!

But that’s not all: we’ve added a dash of humor to each flashcard to increase the excitement. Prepare yourself for some chuckles from the best musicians ever, with jokes that will have you laughing as you learn. Every chord brings the 2024 GGJ theme’s requirement “Make Me Laugh” to life!

The following features make ChordMaster! Lite a must-have:
1. Classical Chords: Ace the fundamental harmonies that structure the foundation of your main tunes. We’ve got it all, from rock anthems to pop classics!
2. Cards With flash: With sleek and dynamic flashcards that keep you on your toes, you can get lost in a journey that is stunning in appearance.
3. Famous Laughs: Enjoy hilarious anecdotes and jokes from some of the greatest musicians of all time as you learn.
4. Conquer and Compete: To see who can achieve the coveted perfect score of 100 points first, challenge your friends or play on your own. The excitement of victory lies ahead!

ChordMaster! Lite is more than a video game; It allows you the opportunity to get started with becoming the rock star you were meant to be!

Technology Notes
Game created with HTML5 and NotePad ++, Javascript, and CSS. Illustrator and Photoshop used for original artwork, and editing. used for background images. used to create game profile image. Sound effects from Wav to MP3 conversions

Installation Instructions
Download zipped file. Unpack, and launch index.html file. You can also skip all of this and PLAY THE GAME NOW!