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Message from the CEO @PETAL et al.

When we created PETAL et al. in 2009 we had no idea as to what it would eventually evolve into. However, our ulterior goal was to help youth and adults who had an interest in working in the entertainment technology arts field and didn't have the resources or know-how to do so. The industry was growing, and there were many missing out. They didn't have the ability – for a myriad of reasons – to pursue their goals nor how to get started in pursuit of those goals. In that our (PETAL et al. founders) skills and experience were grounded in creativity, art, business, project management, leadership and technology, we decided to reach out to those interested and make it happen for them. And in a short period of time, we accomplished that goal. We have trained and prepared many people for this multi-billion dollar industry, and our future endeavor is to train many more through our effective hands-on workshops and immersive learning programs. Prior to investing our leadership skills into creating PETAL et al., I was involved in every aspect of creative technology and made certain that I was apprised in all the inner workings of an ever-changing industry. Along the way, professionally, I served in the capacity of IT Director, Web Designer and Developer, Graphic Designer, Videographer, Photographer, Video Editor, Art Director and Commercial Artist (not all at once) in various jobs over the years. For most of those years, my desire was always to make an innovative contribution to the community and make a positive difference in the lives of others. That desire and how to go about doing it remarkably came into play some seven years ago in a basement meeting in house where we taught several teenagers how to use computers and software to create from their stimulating ideas. We also had them participate in workshops with us to build their own computers. {More}

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