Video Game Creators’ Meeting @PETAL et al.

Every other month, we kick-off with some networking, introductions and show & tells. Gather up your art, scripts, storyboards, music/voiceovers and development projects. Bring them in to share with and inspire a group of others passionate about game design and development. For some, this may be a start for locating potential team mates, getting a project done and/or published. You’ll find feedback from the development community for works in progress can be very beneficial and may help you get your game to market. If there is enough time left afterwards, we will get started with or make a simple game. Otherwise, we meet the following weeks to work on projects. Don’t work in a silo. Come join us, and let’s make games! 
If you have any questions about the Video Game Creators’ @PETAL et al, contact PETAL et al.
Registration for ongoing working meetings is by invitation only. Our next open enrollment and public meeting is June, 2014.
video game creators meet