Special Video Game Event to Feature Two Ground Breaking Technologies in the Video Game Industry

PETAL et al. invites the video game community to a special event featuring two ground-breaking technologies in the video game industry – Augmented Reality and 3D Objects scanned, and used in game play on March 15, at the Cidola, 1647 S. Blue Island, in Chicago, from  6-9 p.m.:

Augmented Reality in Video Games
Presented by Patrick O’Shaughnessey

Patched Reality, Inc. patchedreality.com

The Agenda is as follows:

  1. Discussion about what Augmented Reality (AR) is, and different platforms it can run on (i.e. mobile, PC, console)
  2. Demo of 1 to 2 AR experiences created by Patched Reality
  3. Presentation of videos and pictures of other games that have been done, and discussion on the game mechanics explored
  4. An overview pointing out the process of creating an AR app, and the tools available
  5. An open discussion with audience about AR and its potential in games.

Patrick,  a software developer specializing in augmented reality, said: “I think AR is a perfect medium for gaming and will offer the potential for a whole new set of game mechanics.”

Box-O- Zombies the Game Project
Presented by Shawn Recinto and Team

Come out to this presentation and meet Shawn Recinto and the Box-O-Zombies Team. Shawn Recinto is Founder and CEO of Box-O-Zombies, the Founder and President of Immersive Realms, Inc, and founder of the Box-O-Zombies toy line and Headline Games

About Shawn Shawn Recinto

Recinto is a Technology Consultant and Entrepreneur who loves video games and martial arts. He started Immersive Realms in 2004, and was inspired by his kids to make Box O Zombies in 2010.Favorite Scary Movies: The Changeling and Poltergeist (I wet my pants just thinking about that bathtub scene and the wheelchair at the top of the stairs in The Changeling).Favorite Video Game: The Quest For Glory Series Weapon of Choice in a Zombie Outbreak: A Katana because lopping off undead heads looks like it’s fun. Who’s on his zombie apocalypse team: A Red shirt from the original Star Trek series so he can throw them at the zombie horde to slow them down as he makes a get-away.

More information is available by visiting PETAL et al’s announcement website.