PETAL et al. Executives’ Electrifying “Hero” Presentation Shared Career Goals With Students at Olive-Harvey College Alternative School

PETAL et al. CEO at Olive Harvey Alternative High School

Pamela McMillan, CEO, of PETAL et al, and Clarence McMillan, PETAL et al. Vice President of Technology and Communications, gave an electrifying presentation to students at Olive Harvey College Alternative High School titled, “Hero.”
The McMillan’s presentation focused on defining a hero and how everyone has the potential to be a hero, or may already be a hero. The pair discussed their education endeavors and paths taken to get their careers off the ground, and successful efforts that led to a promising career today.
Pamela informed students of strategies they could take before getting to college that would increase their chances of success in school, or having the potential of getting a good job before finishing college.
In addition, the McMillans discussed with students how they can take advantage of minimum wage or low wage jobs they may be working in now and looking at them as not having that much of a benefit.
Both McMillans answered questions from students after their presentations.