Harnessing the Power of Google+ for Team Collaboration

Have you ever wanted to work with your team face-to-face during the cold winter months, but didn’t want to leave the warmth of your house? How about when you were out of town or just on the other side of town? Needed a brainstorming session or just wanted to share ideas in real-time from your computer or smart phone? With Google+, you can do all that and more. You can share a desktop or share files. In the Google+ Hangout, you can even watch a movie with family and friends out of state. The possibilities are endless. PETAL et al. is providing a free easy to use step-by-step tutorial to our site visitors. You can download the document here.Guess what? It’s all free!

Try it out and let us know the ways you were able to use this tool to enhance your projects, group collaboration, training, etc.