SpacePOM L1 Beta Linux Version Released!

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You asked for a Linux version of the much anticipated SpacePOM video game, and now you have it! This is level 1 beta release being shared for you to test and offer feedback as the other levels are being completed. Check it out, and send us your comments, concerns and suggestions using the link below. The SpacePOM Team would definitely appreciate your input!

SpacePOM External Site DOWNLOAD:

PC 66MB | Mac 69MB | Linux 141MB

SpacePOM is a 2.5D platformer where the player will have to progress through the levels by fixing repair boxes, dodging hazards, and malfunctioning turrets. You will also have time to collect dog treats along the way. The ship needs all the help it can get, can you fix it in time before more disasters happen?

Your input is very important to all involved with the creation of SpacePOM. After playtesting, please share your feedback, comments and suggestions by completing our online survey.

SpacePOM Group Experience Team

Brian Massey, Finishing Team Leader, Game Designer, 3D Modeler/Animator & 2D Effects

Peter Wallis, Programmer and Game Designer

Mark Goetz, SpacePOM Creator, First Team Leader, Coder and Lead Game Designer

Andrew Murphy – Environment and Props Modeling

Tanya Jones – 3D Modeling/Textures and Environments, Level Design

Pascal Saint-Clair – Concept Art and 3D Modeling

Eric Remus – Character Modeling/Texturing

David Schuttenhelm,  UI and Graphic Design

Daniel Dinh, 2D Animation and Art

Clarence McMillan – 2D and Concept Art

Patty McLaughlin – Concept Art and Modeling

Roger McMullen – Art Direction and Character Design

Ala’ Diab – Music and Sound Effects

Sam Castree, III – Legal Consultant

PMac @PETAL et al. – Project Coach

SpacePOM L! Beta PlayTest Survey QR Code