Rapid Prototyping Games With Unreal Engine 4 @PETAL et al. Chicago

Indie Game Developers @PETAL et al. January 16, 2016

Good seeing everyone. Thanks to Terrence for his presentation, and all of those that attended. Congratulations to all 5 winners of the UE4 t-shirts and the 2 NVidia Shield winners. Hope to see you all in two weeks for the global game jam. In the meantime, enjoy photos from the event.


Think Unreal Engine is only used for making 3D games? Guess again! Join us Saturday, January 16 as we dive into some of the awesome prototyping features of UE4.

Terrence from Chicago Unreal Engine Heroes, a UE4 Users group supported by Epic Games will walk us through a demonstration on how the Unreal Engine allows for a quick turn around of ideas, and how tools used for 3D development can easily work in a 2D environment.

We’ll also look at some game development resources for finding the right game play elements for the game you want to create for the upcoming Game Jam!