PETAL et al. @Global Game Jam Hong Kong 2023


PETAL et al. participated in the Global Game Jam at Hong Kong. Jam was hosted virtually by GGJ HK in educational partnership with Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

The PETAL et al. Team’s game submission is titled “Return to Roots.” You can play the game by following this link to the Core Game’s website. Enjoy!

About the Game:

Under the cloak of darkness, aliens invaded the emperor’s garden. The cunning intruders reanimated zombies to dig up all root vegetables, and prepare them for loading on their spaceship. They are stealing the royal’s magic potato and carrot from their roots. The vegetables have to be returned to their roots or they will rot, and there will be no food for the winter. There is a family of four annoying zombies working the farm, three very aggressive aliens guarding the outer areas, a nosy fighting skeleton neighbor, and a vicious alien game boss coming between you and the rare potato and carrot root vegetables. You have some ground to cover and battles to overcome so don’t forget your sword when you spawn by using the letter “F,” and if you get tired of running, use the letter “G” to mount your steed and swiftly gallop throughout the land, and seek out the invaders. “C” to crouch if you end up underwater beneath the chicken coop. Having a problem getting over some of those hills? Use the “space bar” to jump. Tip: The horse jumps higher. You will have to fight some tough characters to get that magical carrot and potato back, when and if you find them! Many doors will yield under the command of your sword, and many will bare no vegetable, but don’t lose heart. The emperor’s house is a place of peace and solitude so if you need some rest, you don’t have to worry about any attacks there. But remember, the emperor has to eat so you could end up paying the cost for failure. By the way, what’s going on inside that chicken coop!? Will you survive long enough to know what’s lurking in there? Play it on the Unreal Engine/Core Game’s Website.