Comics: One of America’s Favorite Past Times Come of Age

If you think that comic books and graphic novels for kids are a waste of time, think again. Kids and adults have enjoyed comics for decades. Now, studies support that graphic novels and comics can improve reading scores and comprehension. Kids, teens and adults appreciate the stories and artwork throughout comic books. Many of the books are not only educational but can teach good judgment, social skills and values. As we turn the pages reading and looking at the characters’ facial expressions and being drawn into a world that takes us away from the stresses of the day, it can be quite enjoyable.

The public library is now recognizing the importance of using comics for literacy. We are starting to see graphic novel sections in most suburban libraries and some of the city libraries. Let’s face it. Comics make reading fun!

Websites like Smarter Comics are taking the lead in entertaining business, historical and strategic education for adult learners. Business people will probably recognize the classic titles like “Think and Grow Rich, Law of Attraction, Master the Art of Selling” and more. These classics are told in a new fresh and entertaining way. The illustrations are captivating and well done. Images with words have been proven to increase retention when reading because people have a mental picture to associate it with. I found them just plain fun to read. You can watch them on your PC or a mobile device anywhere. So next time you are at the hair salon, doctor’s office, or just waiting in the car and bored, download one of these comics and you will expand your knowledge. Believe me, it will be time well spent.