Character Concept Design Workshop & *PITCH Your Idea DAY* @PETAL et al. Chicago

may 25


Last month kicked off the baseball season. What better time to open up for more pitches from the group? If you have an idea you want to share, drop in and tell us about it. Please provide slide presentations or as much visual information as you can with your pitch. The pitch with the most votes will have the support from members of the group interested in a team project. Let’s get your project up and running! Please keep in mind, the team will contribute to a first level prototype of a game or a 3-5 minute cinematic/animated short/animatic, etc. Anything beyond that, you must renegotiate on your own.

The meeting will open with a 20-30 minute workshop from Pascal St Clair on Character Concept Design. If you want to follow along, have Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop installed on your machine. If you use something like Gimp or Inkscape, you should still be able to find this workshop useful.