Are You Missing Out on a Multibillion Dollar Industry?

There is a market out there with a chance for you to make some money, too. It’s called Mobile App Development. App is short for applications.  Currently, Microsoft is offering $100 dollars to anyone that uploads a completed Windows Phone 8 app to their store. This, in addition to the profit you make off of sales of your video game or app.

You can make money from the privacy of your home or a local library or coffee shop with internet access. Next, you’ll need to install the free software that Microsoft provides to get you started with development.

With some patience and time, you can develop an app on your own or with a team. There are so many resources available to get you started in an emerging app market like Windows Phone 8. The Apple and Android stores are saturated. Many are turning to graphical user interfaces (GUI) to get started. It’s no longer like the days of grueling to learn or understand a programming language. There are friendly user interfaces that guide you through getting projects done while you learn some programming.

There are successful app publishers that have not even reached the age of 18. It is just a matter of sitting down and putting the time in, but the payoff could be big. Why waste time watching television or linger on social networks when you could be doing something to bring some extra cash in or just for the good feel of accomplishing something? Be inspiring to those around you, particularly the young people who need to find a way to empower themselves with technology learning. They can learn to do things or work toward things that set them up as entrepreneurs and not always thinking of working for someone else. Instead, they can be the ones that create the next generation of companies that employ their community.